The Women in Data Science (WiDS) initiative aims to inspire and educate data scientists around the world, regardless of gender, and to support women in the field of data. WiDS began as a one-day technical conference at Stanford in November 2015. It is now a global movement that includes multiple initiatives around the world organized by WiDS ambassadors.

When? 20 abril 2022 de 9:30-14:30

Where? Sala d’actes Manuel Martí Recober, Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona

Address? Edifici B6, pta baixa, Campus Nord, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. C. Jordi Girona 1-3. Barcelona 08028 (ubicació aquí)

Format: Acte presencial amb gravació i posterior publicació en format webminar

Registration: Lliure i gratuït 

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9:30 Welcome

Fina Antonijuan, Vice-Rector for Social Responsibility and Equality at the UPC
Josep Fernàndez Ruzafa, Dean of the Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB-UPC)
Karina Gibert i Oliveras, WiDS-Barcelona 2022 ambassador, professor and director of IDEAI-UPC, Vice Dean for Equality and Ethics (COEINF)
Núria Castell Ariño, WiDS-Barcelona 2022 co-ambassador, former dean of the FIB


10:00 – 11:30 The Catalan ecosystem of data science and engineering

ModeradoraNúria Castell Ariño, WiDS-Barcelona 2022 co-ambassador


Marta Tolos, director of Big Data, dep. data analytics and architecture, Zurich
Àtia CortésBSC researcher
Marga Bonmatí, Deputy Manager of Digital Transformation and Data at the UB
Teresa Tarragó, co-founder and CEO of Exeus


11:30 – 12:00 Coffee Break

12:00 – 13:30 Taula rodona 2:Sex, pornography and control with data and technology. Crimes and protections

Moderadora Karina Gibert, WiDS-Barcelona 2022 ambassador

Andrea Accuosto, lawyer, expert on gender equality
Selva OrejónCEO and founder of onBranding
Mavi Sánchez Eventlab, ICREA researcher
Jeniffer Woodard, CEO and founder of Insikt Intelligence


13:30 Closing

Joana Barbany, General Manager of Digital Society, Dep. Digital Policies and Territory, Generalitat de Catalunya
Karina Gibert i OliverasWiDS-Barcelona 2022 ambassador
Núria Castell Ariño, WiDS-Barcelona 2022 co-ambassador


14:00 Networking lunch in the gardens of the Vertex building

Remember that you can buy your lunch ticket for 15€ here
(Save the receipt and exchange it on the 20th for the corresponding ticket when you arrive at WiDS-Barcelona2022)

The women of WiDS-Barcelona 2022

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The organization of WiDS-Barcelona 2022

Ambassadors of the WiDS-Barcelona 2022

Director of the Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center (IDEAI-UPC)
& Vice-Dean for Equality and Ethics of the Official College of Computer Engineering of Catalonia (COEINF)

Former dean of the Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB-UPC)

Organizing committee


  • Núria Agell, Professor, ESADE, Universitat Ramon Llull
  • Àngela Nebot, IDEAI-UPC
  • Lavanya Mandadapu, Daa scientist and Sofware Engineer, Netquest
  • Nataly Buslón, BSC
  • Gemma Thomas Crusells, IDEAI-UPC
  • Kevin Sànchez, IDEAI-UPC
  • Dante Conti, IDEAI-UPC
  • Xavier Angerri, IDEAI-UPC
  • Berta Serracanta, IDEAI-UPC

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WiDS-Barcelona 2022 is an independent event organized by Karina Gibert and Núria Castell Ariño as part of the annual WiDS Worldwide conference organized by Stanford University and more than 150 locations around the world, featuring women performing outstanding work in the field of data science. All genres are invited to attend the WiDS Worldwide conference events.