You can make a donation with bank transfer to the account number:

ES77 2100 3317 11 2200198456 with holder name: Afganistan

or Bizum with Bizum number 04003. Attention: this is not a Bizum operation to send money to a mobile number but to make a donation. Check with your bank how to do this if you don’t have the option in the Bizum app you have.

If you have realized a donation greater than 150€ and you need a certificate, please ask for it at

You generosity to us is key in this moments.


To make Bizum through the Caixabank APP, enter Bizum and click on the icon that says “Make a donation”

To do this from the BancSabadell APP, go to Bizum, click on “Send” and open the small edit icon to the right, where it says “Send to” (it’s a small square with a pencil diagonally). Put the code where it says “enter the phone number to which you want to send the money”.